About Juan Carlos Benitez

Juan Carlos Benitez

Based in the Marianas, Juan Carlos Benitez guides the Latte Training Academy as president of the Board and directs efforts to develop the region-wide workforce. Latte Training Academy provides vocational training and builds skills in areas such as IT, bookkeeping, health, and hotel and hospitality. Juan Carlos Benitez partners with the University of Colorado in offering these certification courses in in-demand job fields.

Mr. Benitez completed his juris doctor cum laude at the Inter-American School of Law in Puerto Rico. He served as an editor on the school’s law review and was president of the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity’s Munoz Chapter.

His background includes serving as senior vice president with Cassidy & Associates in Washington, D.C., for four years. Wile at Cassidy, Mr. Benitez became the Republican Lead Lobbyist for International Clients. Engaging in client-driven assignments, Mr. Benitez, co-led a program focused on improving United States-Equatorial Guinea relationship. Mr. Benitez’s experience extends to territorial and defense matters, with a focus on the East Asian region. Mr. Benitez also serves as president of the Washington Pacific Economic Development Group, LLC.